Get with the Program!

Imagine yourself here...

Piloting, rendering care, interacting, or maintaining a new AW119Kx helicopter.

AW119Kx assessment flight, August 2020

We've done our homework!

We’ve completed significant research on the safety aspect of this single engine aircraft.  Given the known reliability and track record of the PT6 engine and the 119’s redundancy of systems, like that of a twin engine, we made the decision to transition to this model.

Our reasons are clear!

The capabilities in comparison to our BK117s include a faster and more fuel-efficient aircraft which is lower in cost to operate. Oh, and did we say we’re also impressed with the many safety enhancements such as an advanced avionics suite with glass cockpit providing greater situational awareness and crash resistant fuel tanks to start?

Ohhhh yeahhhh!

She may be smaller than her older (BK) 117 stepsister, but she can hold her own!

The patient limit remains the same at 400 pounds and the 119Kx can accommodate three providers in the back and one in the co-pilot seat. The mounting of medical equipment surpasses that of the BK117 configuration.

Our training strategy is locked and loaded!

Initially, all pilots and mechanics will complete factory, didactic, and hands-on training. Once we’ve taken possession of all four 119Kx helicopters, our goal is to transition into an IFR program.

What are you waiting for?

If that doesn’t convince you that WE should be your next career choice, then perhaps you don’t care about being a champion of change in a 30-year, community-based nonprofit company. Or perhaps you’re a ho-hum sort of individual that settles for the mundane. If none of these apply, then just navigate your mouse over to “that button” and begin your plan to get with the program – the Mercy Flight Central Program – that is!