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Mercy Flight Central (MFC) provides career opportunities in a number of areas, including administration, air medical, and communications. MFC employees take great pride in the mission of the company. Our air medical staff are on the cutting edge of the air medical industry, constantly striving to provide the best service possible to the communities in which we serve. Employment at MFC is a challenge and a privilege; it provides the opportunity to contribute skills and knowledge to a lifesaving service, while working for a great community organization and a rapidly growing small business.

Air Medical Providers

Air Medical Providers (AMP) include highly trained Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics that provide specialized emergency on-scene and critical-care interfacility transport via helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Our full time AMP work a schedule consisting of a 24 hour and a 12 hour shift per week. AMP must maintain all licenses and certifications, as well as attend mandatory training and clinical sessions. All applicants are required to have a minimum of 3 years experience in a critical care environment. For RN applicants, 3 years in an ICU or ED and for Paramedics, 3 years in a high volume ground agency.

We average between 400-500 flights per year, with the heaviest volume during the summer months. AMP can expect an inconsistent number of flights per shift, depending on a variety of factors including weather considerations and time of year. Flight duty includes a number of physiologic and mental stressors, including mild turbulence, physiologic effects of flight, lifting and carrying of patients and equipment, and the mental and emotional considerations of caring for the acutely or terminally sick and/or injured. At the end of each flight, AMP are required to clean and restock the aircraft, as well as complete a considerable amount of post-flight documentation. All flights are conducted with the utmost of professionalism. AMP are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner toward patients, other healthcare providers, and the public. AMP are expected to strive for and maintain the highest levels of competency and knowledge, and are encouraged to seek additional training as well as professional certifications.

AMP are required to inspect and maintain work and living areas, and perform general housekeeping tasks to insure the cleanliness and comfort of their living quarters. During downtime, AMP are provided with sleeping quarters, cooking amenities and entertainment areas.

Communication Specialists

Communications Specialists are tasked with maintaining the company communications center. Through this center, our communications personnel receive emergency requests for aircraft, notify air medical teams of these requests, and provide mission critical information such as GPS response coordinates, aircraft flight following, and medical center notifications. Communications Specialists are required to be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (or equivalent), have at least 1 year of dispatch experience, and must be technically proficient with radio communications.

Key attributes of a Mercy Flight Central Communications Specialist include the ability to multitask and work under pressure, a calm and even demeanor, and a positive customer service attitude. A strong candidate for this position should also possess strong reading and writing skills, good penmanship, excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills, and have a strong pro-customer focus.

Full time Communications Specialists are required to work 40 hours per week including some nights and weekends. Part time Communications staff members are required to work a minimum of 24 hours per month (3-eight hour shifts), including some nights and weekends. Some examples of the daily duties of the Communications Staff include maintenance of shift logs, flight notifications, answering company telephones, general cleaning duties in work areas, completion of flight paperwork, and data entry.

Administrative Personnel

Mercy Flight Central maintains a number of administrative positions key to supporting the mission of the company. Our administrative staff manages important organizational issues, including payroll and accounting, general administration, wages and benefits, and human resources.

Our friendly atmosphere contributes to a positive work environment and enables our staff to provide essential skills and knowledge to an important community service.

General duties for administrative staff include: customer service, answering telephones, data collection and entry, and general housekeeping duties within their work areas. Administrative personnel must be team oriented and have a strong customer service attitude.

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