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Volunteerism can be defined as a willingness of people to contribute their time and service for the benefit of other individuals, organizations, or causes without the expectation of compensation. At Mercy Flight Central there is no shortage of volunteers, and the value that they bring to our company is priceless. Each year between twenty and thirty fundraising events are planned and hosted by organizations and individuals with the purpose of benefiting Mercy Flight Central.

Volunteerism goes a long way at our company, and it's not just about fundraising. Our team of medical control physicians volunteer their time to support our air medical personnel during flights. These dedicated physicians are available 24 / 7 to discuss patient conditions and to prescribe the best treatment for that patient. Their support of our company doesn't stop there. Many voluntarily participate in our training program, keeping personnel abreast of the latest advancements in various medical treatments and technologies.

Our Board of Directors also dedicates their time and talents to the company. Their combined skills and experience generate a wealth of information as they offer guidance in core areas. Their contributions are extended beyond their normal duties as board members through their support of fundraising and public relations events. They extend their influence to those individuals and organizations that can make a difference to the overall health of our company.

The collective contributions made by volunteers supporting our operation is priceless. For those individuals and organizations that give the gift of their time and their hearts, we thank you.

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