Our Philosophy


We are... An independent, non profit organization of air medical professionals, devoted to integrity and compassion, providing critical care to the sick and injured. 


Mercy Flight Central will continuously transcend all obstacles by providing the highest quality patient care to all those in need. We will be diligent and prevail as an irreplaceable component in the medical services arena and to the community as a whole. Our compassion and integrity will exemplify and lead the way to what critical care should be. We will remain on the cutting edge of patient care and set the benchmark in air medical safety. 


Keeping safety at the forefront of our decisions; Always maintain a professional, compassionate mind-set; Respectful of our non-profit status and those who support us; Commitment to the integrity of the service that we provide; Determined to remain a leader in the air medical service arena. 

Program Goals

Provision of critical care air medical service to those patients who are ill or injured regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, or ability to pay. 

We will respond to all requests to provide treatment and transport to adult, pediatric and neonatal patient populations, in both the pre-hospital and interfacility settings, unless a specific condition exists that is expressly defined by other company policies where it has been determined that other methods of treatment and/or transport would be more appropriate for that specific type of patient. 

Staffing of each helicopter with a Pilot, Flight Nurse, and Flight Paramedic 24 hours a day for scene and interfacility transports, with medical control support provided by an on-call volunteer physician. 

Participation with hospitals and emergency response agencies, to enhance patient care, by providing educational seminars and involvement in quality management activities concerning the appropriate and safe use of air medical services.